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this is a story that i want to share, i used to work there, and i can tell you, that irma gavaldon,ocean dental,cancun dental specialist,and everything around this clinic,stinks, i worked there and need to tell you that they only use chinese materials , thats why they are so low prices, and low quality, they even re use materials, like dental implants, the way they treat patients, are only form amateurs they hire, only students, which they do not pay, and keep shouting at them, she is not a specialist, and she is the advertise for many things like dental implants, i have a friend that works there, and he is the dental specialist, and we know that ll the implants are form clones, and bad quality, the doctor always shouts to all the staff, and many patients complaint about the poor quality materials ,you should be warned about this clinic, and please ask, before,a dn search how many complaints they have , internet is full of this . they changed the office, due to problems with the law, and they are now located in anew office, which they hide due to legal problems, the doctor gavaldon son, tuns the lab, and he is not even a lab technician, so imagine, your dental work done by a person, which has not study .everything there is like this, they should not treat the personal like that, they only have haters in cancun.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1214371

Thank you so much for your honest review of what goes on at Irma Gavaldon's clinic. She has ruined a lot of people's mouths. I understand she had to leave Canada as well, for practicing there without a license.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1201824

Could not agree more! Terrible

Katy, Texas, United States #1191816

So sad you couldn't work with the clinic, that happens. As far as the materials...what doesn't come from China today!!??

I don't take this review seriously at all. Disgruntled ex worker it seems.

I don't work for the clinic and am considering going for treatment.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1230478

China dental materials have been recalled for lead contamination

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