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Dr Irma Gavaldon ,ocean dental,cancun dental specialist ,had a well oiled machine for scamming people,also to mention dr.Naxi ; went there for dental implants, and Dr. Gavaldon advertise she does implants , but *** no, there is another doctor which seems to be an apprentice.the result is that I am going to lose the left implant because of the infection,there is no way to save it even with periodontal treatment, and the right extreme has to come out as well. I will need to be re done here, which will cost me another thousand dollars.before you go to cancun or any other Mexican dentists,be careful because you cannot trust many of them, they say they place implants, and at the end, they put a rookie to perform it.and credit card companies are never going to help you to retrieve your money.Pass this post along to as many people as you can you might be considering placing implants with doctors that say they do, *** no, it might end up being a dental tourism scam

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "terrible experience" of ocean dental cancun dental implants and associated monetary loss in the amount of $20000. Ocean Dental Cancun needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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hi , my name is naxieli sanchez, and if you are refering to me as part of the proceedure, i think there is a missunderstood, i used to work there, thank god i went out ,becuase is a *** to be there, now you cna find me in my personal bussines, which i do take care, which is called dentics, and you can find me in plaza caracol, the dr, irma gavaldon , is not a dental specialist, and also she does not has a u.s. certification, this is only pure marketing, many doctors, that work there, they go out because of her horror moods, and bad if you want a real good care and you are looking for good quality, do not think going back there, you will get the same bad quality

to anonymous #1263418

Naxhiely Sanchez: Your goal of beating away Dr Gavaldon's name will take no place. You perfectly know she does have a US accreditation, among other international accreditations, and she can prove it.

Not your case sweetie: you're not a prosthodontics specialist as you told our people. Yes you're right! There are people who had worked for Dr Gavaldon, and they are kicked out not because Dr's mood; they go away from our office because of their bad performance and unskilled abilities.

Don't you remember you were hired twice, because dr Gavaldon gave you a second chance?

Do you want us to show out your ungrateful behavior?

And let people know the truth: Dentics is not "your own business". Somebody placed the money to build it and you just lent your name as a sanitary responsible Doctor.

You don't have enough money to afford a clinic at the hotel area with your own resources.

Time will be on our side and will show people the disaster that you are capable to produce on people's oral health. And dating patients and flirting with them won't be enough when you'll have to face an undesired legal process.

Irving, Texas, United States #1175088

Banks and credit card companies will help you get back your money but their system is biased toward the merchants. If the merchant writes anything in response to your chargeback, even an unsigned form letter on blank copy paper as in my case with Gavaldon, the credit card companies will write to you that they close your case in the merchants favor.

What you need to do is within 30 days write another letter saying this is not acceptable to you and ask the bank to reopen the chargeback case and they will. You will need a doctor letter to dispute a doctor chargeback. They made me get 2 independent Dr letters from dentists telling what was wrong with the work and an estimated cost to redo it. It was a long stressful process but in the end we won because the dental work in my mouth is so unhealthy and painful the first 2 dentist I asked wrote the letters on my behalf.

For them not to have done so would have been malpractice on their parts.

Of course I did not get back travel and hotel expenses.

And it is very expensive to have the work undone and redone. But we did win a Visa arbitration with Irma Gavaldon's clinic.

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