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Poor managment, hasty impatent bruit like staff, meat market like service, poor quality crowns, unquilified dental hygenist preforming actual dental work

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I am about to have 16 zirconia crowns at Dr Irma Gavaldon's office. My teeth have rapidly began deteriorating earlier this year. I had the gastric bypass surgery in 2012 therefore I strongly believe that is why my teeth are chipping and cracking so quickly. I have been communicating with my intake representative over the 4 past months. I feel very comfortable based on our discussions. I understand reviews have so many variables based on their... Read more

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Two crowns & root canal-- both crowns turned out to be poor material, badly done & ill-fitting. When I originally complained, records were falsified to indicate I had refused certain services. In addition to their charges, a week of my time plus airfare & lodging for bargain dental work that now must be completely redone at considerable time and expense [again]. Their best offer so far = $100 toward a return flight plus a hotel room. Not... Read more

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I just had a full mouth reconstruction including 24 crowns. All 3 doctors that worked with me were professional, they provided me rides anywhere I wanted to go, and the final product was outstanding.

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My name is Larry Walker and I'm from Georgia my wife Marie and I were in Cancun on a weeks vacation unfortunately she broke a tooth ,so we had to go and see a dentist that we had never seen before something she definitely was not looking forward to. however they could have not been any more professional and fair priced or taken better care of both of us I have actually told several of my friends And family of how lucky we were to find such... Read more

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this is a story that i want to share, i used to work there, and i can tell you, that irma gavaldon,ocean dental,cancun dental specialist,and everything around this clinic,stinks, i worked there and need to tell you that they only use chinese materials , thats why they are so low prices, and low quality, they even re use materials, like dental implants, the way they treat patients, are only form amateurs they hire, only students, which they do... Read more

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Dr Irma Gavaldon ,ocean dental,cancun dental specialist ,had a well oiled machine for scamming people,also to mention dr.Naxi ; went there for dental implants, and Dr. Gavaldon advertise she does implants , but *** no, there is another doctor which seems to be an apprentice.the result is that I am going to lose the left implant because of the infection,there is no way to save it even with periodontal treatment, and the right extreme has to come... Read more

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i had dental work , and everything is just wrong,i had a terrible experience there .now i need to do everything again. the doctors that did my work were not qualified ,they are young and inexperience was always shown. but Dr. Gavaldon never show up, even i saw that she was experienced doctor,but she was busy. i do not recommend this clinic,i think i made a mistake i should go to vallarta, i knew that something was not good. very sad. now i need... Read more

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I have had EXCELLENT work done at Ocean Dental. The office is as modern and well equipped as any I have ever visited in the states, the doctors I have seen have been caring and professional, and my ongoing work I actually look forward to. You can even walk through their office on google maps to see what it looks like! Try it! Amazing! The doctors have been extremely responsive to any pain and my concerns, and I am going back again for more... Read more

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I had 5 implants and 5 extractions done in two hours!!! Came back to U.S. and and made an appointment with a good oral surgeon here... The doctor did a 360 e-xray of my mouth and told me the implants were absolutely perfect. And this is the same doctor that was going to charge me 18000 for 4 implants compared to 4800 for cancun. im a happy camper.

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